About Chiara


My name is Chiara and I am a confident and dedicated Marketing Expert with years of experience in the hospitality and travel industry. I have been working as Marketing Manager in reputable hotels, restaurants and tourism companies for several years and developed valuable skills in the field.

My experience working within the hospitality industry and a first class degree in Hospitality Management integrated with a creative and unique approach add great value and credibility to new ventures.

Not in the hospitality industry? I've got you covered! I have vast experience in various sectors including:

  • E-commerce

  • Floral installations

  • Education

  • Fitness and Nutrition

  • Retail

  • Events

  • Art

  • Finance

  • Tech

  • and more.

Please get in touch as I'd love to know how I could help.

Licenses & Certifications achieved: 

  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing Level 5 (Brentwood Open Learning College);

  • Google Ads (Search, Display and Shopping) and Google Analytics;

  • Social Media Certified (HubSpot Academy);

  • Content Marketing (HubSpot Academy);

  • Inbound Certified (HubSpot Academy); 

  • Inbound Marketing Certified (HubSpot Academy);

  • PPC Fundamentals (SEMrush);

  • SEO Fundamentals (SEMrush);

About K Hospitality

Founded in 2019, K Hospitality is a digital marketing agency specialising in the hospitality and tourism industry and offering a range of marketing services to small and medium-sized tourism and hospitality businesses to help them drive tangible results and get the best from their marketing strategy.

K Hospitality helps clients thrive in a fast-changing world by leveraging each company’s unique strengths to build a personalised road map to success. At K Hospitality each client is unique.