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How can marketing communicate the ‘new normal’ in the hospitality industry?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

During these crazy times hospitality and tourism businesses around the world have been heavily impacted by the Covid19 situation.

Many hoteliers, travel operators and restaurant owners are wondering how they can successfully communicate the recovery strategies they are putting in place to make guests and employees feel safe and protected.

But what are the key changes that we have to communicate to potential and regular customers? Here are a few important ones:

  • How sanitation practices are implemented and guaranteed throughout our premises;

  • How our cleaning standards meet current cleaning protocols to prevent the spread of Coronavirus;

  • How we are planning to effectively train all senior management team and front line employees;

  • How we commit to enforcing physical distance and safety in common areas;

  • How we are planning to deal with possible cases of Covid19 in our hotel, restaurant or leisure company.

It is clear that we all have to be ready for a new normal in the hospitality and tourism industry where we will have to challenge our previous standards, beliefs and behaviours. Marketing and communication will have a key role in effectively delivering how our hotel, restaurant or tourism business will bring health and safety to our guests, diners or travellers whilst allowing them to have a great time with us.

Have you ever thought that marketing holds the key to the tourism recovery strategies? Working with an experienced and knowledgeable hospitality marketing agency can help your business in the communication process with your prospects and guests. From client profiling to channel selection and from personalised experiences to highly tailored messages, effective communication is the key! Get in touch with K Hospitality to take your communication to the next level.

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